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Tweens, Teens, and Fashionable Zeal: 90’s Edition

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There I was, it was a typical night, I was lying in bed watching episodes of Full House on Youtube, when the thought struck me — how do I dress with as much style as Stephanie Tanner? Answer: You don’t.  But this got me thinking; if we’re going to bring the 90’s back, which, I think we’ve all accepted in this new decade to do,  where do we draw our nostalgic influence from? Answer: 90’s tween/teen stars.  Follow me!

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Dreams DO Come True!

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Good news: I found the greatest MTV reality show ever created, Rich Girls, starring Ally Hilfiger (daughter of Tommy) and her friend, Jamie Gleisher (?) available to watch online. Continue reading

One More Reason to Love Taylor Swift

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So let’s see.  America’s newest sweetheart hosted the best episode of SNL this season last night, she’s one of my favorite dressed celebrities, she has a cute new boyfriend and she’s a triple-platinum recording artist. BUT. Why am I loving her even more now?

Well, Her self-titled album first released in 2006 has been on Billboard’s Top 200 albums chart for 157 weeks, which is a feat in it of itself, yet what makes it especially notable is that it has finally booted Nickelback from that spot. Nickelback. Seriously, America? Come on.

So, thank you Taylor, for erasing that blemish in music history with your kickass album.  Now, go write some songs about being in love with Taylor Lautner and set more records.

Ps. Your monologue was my favorite to date.

Taylor Swift Breaks Billboard Record [Ok Magazine]

Saturday Night Live: Taylor Swift [Hulu]


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This is only a short clip, because NBC made everyone on youtube remove the actutal song…

My Favorite Arrested Development Episode*

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Picture 7So Meredith and I are big Arrested Development fans on this blog.  After watching a few episodes this weekend I’ve come to the conclusion that the “Let ‘Em Eat Cake” which is the season finale of the first season might be my favorite episode–or at least one of my favorites.  After the jump, you’ll see why.  Continue reading

Things That Aren’t Fair

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All the good shows are at the 9 o’clock time slot on Wednesdays while nothing is on Tuesdays.  What the heck TV.



Modern Family

Modern Family

The Beautiful LIfe - Its actually a decent/addicting show

The Beautiful Life - It's actually a decent/addicting/guilty pleasure show.

Law and Order: SVU

Law and Order: SVU

Anderson Cooper Likes This

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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Real Housewives of Atlanta

And so do I.  Why?

1. Kim’s “hit” single “Tardy for the Party”.

2. NeNe.

3. Lisa has two kids with 90’s R&B singer Keith Sweat that she’s legally not allowed to talk about on the show.

3. TLC’s T-boz makes an appearance.

4. Kandi WROTE “No Scrubs”.

5. Sheree’s fashion show to debut her clothing line “She by Sheree” is such a disaster, she doesn’t even have clothes to show, so they just tape some sketches on the wall for people to walk around looking at — and Sheree’s all, “So what?” When confronted about it.

6. Lisa’s Asian family.

7.  The “Alter Ego Photoshoot”

8. Kim’s wig line.

9.  The fact that they’re always drunk.

10. Did I mention Sheree had a fashion show without any clothes?

Below, a brilliant recap of the first two episdoes of the second season.  Someone give this guy a show — or, at least a sedative.


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Let’s taste the happy tears of Friday and watch the Arrested Development season 2 blooper reel.  You are welcome.  Pop Pop gets a treat if you watch until the end.

True That — Double True

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Today, was my day off.  I spent it writing cover letters, working on my CV, and watching the NYC Prep marathon on Bravo.  This was kind of awesome.  Don’t bother hating me, I hate myself enough for it.

Tonight was the season finale.  My favorite quote comes from 16-year-old faux-French Lothario, Sebastian, who “dated around” a lot during the season, but failed to find just one special girl to go steady with:

This year was about quantity.  But, next year’s going to be different.  I’m going to date fewer girls — but, like, hot ones.

Amen, Baby Romeo.  You and me both. Or, wait, something like that.

Adventures in Theme Songs

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The Wonder Years.  Remember when there was that rumor going around middle school that Marilyn Manson played Paul, Kevin’s best friend? That was a weird rumor.  This, is a rad theme song though.