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Dear Television Writers of Awful Shows That You Can Watch in Re-runs on the Hallmark Channel

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Sometimes, I turn the tv on, and keep it on as background noise while I’m doing other stuff.  It’s a concept similar to listening to background music while you cook/read/blog/whatever.  Anyway, I was doing that now, Touched By an Angel was on, and I stopped to watch what was going on, and okay, I don’t know much about how angels work, but they’re already dead right? Or at the very least, celestial beings who were never alive.  Meaning, they can’t die, and they can’t go through human suffering — right? So then why does Della Reese’s character have Altzheimer’s?  Is that possible? How can an angel get dementia? What the fuck, writers?! This is worse than that episode of Full House where Michelle had amnesia.  That, while stupid, at least made sense — after all, a nine-year-old midget child COULD very well get amnesia after falling off of a horse during a horseback riding competition.  Angels on the other hand, cannot get Altzheimers.  Nice try TBAA writers.  I am happy to see that Marky Post joined the cast in the later seasons of this show.  Homegirl needed (present tense, needs) some work.

Why is This Not Everyone’s Favorite Show?

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Adventures in Theme Songs

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Family Ties.

Great harmonizing: check.

Jazzy melody: check.

Sha-na-na-naa closer: check.

What’s not to love here?

Adventures in Theme Songs

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Okay, I wasn’t going to whip it out so soon, but I figured eh, why not? This is actually my favorite theme song of all time.  That’s right, I admit it.  And you know what? Maybe (okay, is) it’s actually my all-time favorite childhood show of all time.  Hey, that’s right. Deal with it. You can’t take that away from me.  So what, I had a talking Michelle doll?

My younger sister once asked me if I moved to San Francisco just because of Full House.  The answer is mostly no…


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This is what I looked like as I watched the latest episode of the Real World: Cancun tonight. This season’s going to rival the Real World Las Vegas in flat-out douchery/trashiness.

Deep secret: I actually kind of like this season, and can’t wait for next week’s episode.  Yelling? Drinking? Roomate-cest? Lesbianism? MEXICO?!


Soundtrack to Your Life

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Today’s Top Favorite TV Theme Song pick? Family Matters.

Daily Crush

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Ok, so I know he’s old(er) and has like, 5 kids, but seriously?  Chris O’Donnell is super cute.  He’s starring in the NCIS spinoff this fall and since I’ve been known to catch a few NCIS marathons on USA every once in a while, I might tune in, you know, for the gripping subject matter about marine based crimes…yeah.

Boing Boing

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This is how I feel after drinking two cups of coffee in less than an hour:

Explanation Nation

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Clarissa Explains it All was the highlight of my childhood.  Not only did Clarissa have killer style, but she had the best friend, Sam, who for some reason was incapable of using the front door.  Hortense, over at Jezebel, did a good recap as to why Clarissa was better than Blossom, so I’ll let her do the talking.  In the meantime, here is the best opening credits of all time.  I may or may not have practiced writing ‘Melanie’ backwards in my shower.

Childhood Idols Found

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Here are some answers to the questions Mer asked earlier in addition to some other 90 teen idols we all loved and adored.

Jenna von Oy: most recently on The Parkers as the token white girl.  If you google image search for her you’ll get some pretty scandalous pictures.  She is allegedly good friends with Melissa Joan Heart too.

yearbook awesomeMelissa Joan Heart: She looks exactly the same as she does from Clarissa Explains it All.  And, even though she was most recently in a horrible made for TV romcom with Joey Lawrence, I will forever remember her as the crazy year book girl from the best 90’s movie ever Can’t Hardly Wait.

Larisa Oleynik:  After graduating from Sarah Lawrence in 2004, she’s been pretty under the radar, showing up in shows that typically lead up to getting back in the “acting” scene aka supporting friend to A-List actor in a romcom.

Marla Sokoloff: 90’s queen.  She made appearances in all awesome 90’s shows:  Full House, Party of Five, Babysitters Club, 3rd Rock From the Sun, Home Improvement and more.  In the new millenium, she broke up with James Franco and is a supporting bff in Lifetime’s mini-series Maneater.  I may or may not be watching it now and it may or may not be horribly awesome.