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Happy Failoween

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So this one time, I said I was going to live tweet Halloween? Yeahh that didn’t really happen.  See below….(Chronological order is from bottom to top)


In conclusion, I did have a really fun Halloween though, as evidenced by the fact that I was still up and lame tweeting at 6am.  Hope you had a fun day dressing up, eating candy, and getting too drunk to update your Twitter status too!

Found Objects

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Spooky, scary restaurant window, North Beach, San Francisco

Someone Stole My Costume and Halloween Dance!

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This is only a short clip, because NBC made everyone on youtube remove the actutal song…

Dear Future Baby That I Will Have in 8-10 years

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Expect to wear this costume on Halloween and be in this pot and look as excited as this little guy:

13 Weird and Adorable Halloween Costumes for Kids [Huffington Post] via my sister-in-law