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My Milkshake Brings All the Pubescent Boys to the Yard

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Meredith: at what point is a coog a straight up pedophile?

Melanie: hahahahaha
half your age plus or minus seven
Meredith: oh, duh.
ohhhh too young
but like, 16 is the new 19.5

Just kidding.  That’s gross.  Personally, I think even 23 is too young.  Unless you’re Michael Cera, because, say what you want about how he always plays the same character over and over again, I don’t care.  Yeah, I’d hit that.

Hey, It’s Friday

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Apparently, the first time Seth Rogen was on Jimmy Kimmel Live, so was Megan Fox.  Here’s Seth Rogen talking about that first time — and getting shut-down by Megan “Too Sexy” Fox*.  Hey, it’s Friday.

via [Just Jared]

*Deep secret: I kind of like Megan Fox again

(90) Days of Unemployment

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It has been approximately 90 days since I was laid off.  It’s 3:30 am.  I can’t sleep.  It’s hard to imagine now, but the day after I got laid off, I went to Vegas for three days.  Yep, that’s right, Vegas.  Granted, I was already planning to go to Vegas before I got laid off — bought my ticket during my lunch break the very day I got laid off, but really? I did that? Reckless? Irresponsible? Stupid? Or best decision of my life?  I vacillate between the last two.  I think it was simultaneously both.  Foolish perhaps, but at the time, I think it was what I needed to get my mojo flowing. Sometimes, you gotta do stupid things to get your groove back.

Since being laid off, I’ve temped part-time at a non-profit that organizes continuing education opportunities for Seniors;  I’ve worked (well, work, present tense) at a restaurant.  I’ve met dozens of new people — some I’ve been apathetic about, some I’ve disliked; many I’ve liked, and some I’ve really liked.  Some, I’ve regrettably fallen out of contact with because I’m bad at staying in contact with people (if you’re one of those people, and you’re reading this, hey, let’s hang out by the way?).  I’ve Networked with countless people to no avail; sent out billions more cover letters and resumes, and heard back from few.  Then, in the month of July, I all but gave up.  I knew that I needed to keep trying, but it just got to be so damn dispiriting.  This, was no funemployment.

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Found Objects

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Bay Bridge stensil art, San Francsico, CA

Golden Gate Bridge stencil art; Dubose Triangle, San Francsico, CA

Kinda dark, 100% rad.  I love sidewalk art.


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If a person you don’t know, don’t follow, and doesn’t follow you, @’s you on a random tweet, are you supposed to respond? Is it rude if I don’t? I’m confused.  Is there a Miss Manners for Twitter I can tweet to?

Life Got Ya Feelin’ Like This?

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Don’t worry, it’s almost the WEEKEND!

Which means, it’s almost time to do this:

Found Objects

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North Beach, San Francisco

North Beach, San Francisco

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in my neighborhood…please won’t you be my neighbor!

Dear Television Writers of Awful Shows That You Can Watch in Re-runs on the Hallmark Channel

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Sometimes, I turn the tv on, and keep it on as background noise while I’m doing other stuff.  It’s a concept similar to listening to background music while you cook/read/blog/whatever.  Anyway, I was doing that now, Touched By an Angel was on, and I stopped to watch what was going on, and okay, I don’t know much about how angels work, but they’re already dead right? Or at the very least, celestial beings who were never alive.  Meaning, they can’t die, and they can’t go through human suffering — right? So then why does Della Reese’s character have Altzheimer’s?  Is that possible? How can an angel get dementia? What the fuck, writers?! This is worse than that episode of Full House where Michelle had amnesia.  That, while stupid, at least made sense — after all, a nine-year-old midget child COULD very well get amnesia after falling off of a horse during a horseback riding competition.  Angels on the other hand, cannot get Altzheimers.  Nice try TBAA writers.  I am happy to see that Marky Post joined the cast in the later seasons of this show.  Homegirl needed (present tense, needs) some work.

Yes, Please

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I treated myself to a movie date with myself today.  The movie was good, and I was maybe (maybe) the best date I’ve ever had.  This post isn’t about my hot date with myself though.  It’s about the previews I saw while I was on a hot date with myself. And, one in trailer in particular caught my attention…I’d heard a lot about Ponyo, the latest film from Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away), but today was the first time I actually saw the trailer.  Color me excited.  It’ll be nice to see traditional hand-drawn animation on the big screen for a change. You can watch the trailer online at Apple Trailers, by clicking HERE. Who wants to go see this with me? Preferably high.

Daily Crush

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sebastian stan

Sebastian Stan as Paul Newman

There were so many great pictures from this GQ photo shoot it was tough to pick my favorite, but I went with this one.  Excuse me while I swoon.