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It’s Been a Long Time, We Shouldn’t’ve Left You, Without a Dope Beat to Step to

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Good morning, starshine! That hiatus sure lasted longer than we thought it would.  In the interim, the Mels and I have become professional blogging girls for real live companies.  Weird, right? Anyway, you can throw out your Save a Blog of Two Cities tshirts, delete that #RIPablogoftwocities tweet, and just generally stop your blubbering, because it looks like we’re back for Season 2. And booooy do we have a lot to catch up on!

Because Mel’s Obsessed With it:

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What happens when you take Vampire Weekend and mix ’em together with Kid Cudi? THIS

*Also, Mel will tell you to “get over yourself,” but it will sound funny, so you’ll laugh.

One More Reason to Love Taylor Swift

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So let’s see.  America’s newest sweetheart hosted the best episode of SNL this season last night, she’s one of my favorite dressed celebrities, she has a cute new boyfriend and she’s a triple-platinum recording artist. BUT. Why am I loving her even more now?

Well, Her self-titled album first released in 2006 has been on Billboard’s Top 200 albums chart for 157 weeks, which is a feat in it of itself, yet what makes it especially notable is that it has finally booted Nickelback from that spot. Nickelback. Seriously, America? Come on.

So, thank you Taylor, for erasing that blemish in music history with your kickass album.  Now, go write some songs about being in love with Taylor Lautner and set more records.

Ps. Your monologue was my favorite to date.

Taylor Swift Breaks Billboard Record [Ok Magazine]

Saturday Night Live: Taylor Swift [Hulu]

So You Didn’t Go To Outside Lands…

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In the weeks leading up to Outside Lands, the annual three-day music festival that takes place in Golden Gate Park, no one — and I mean no one was going.  The line-up sucks: Black Eyed Peas*? Jason Mraz?  It’s not worth it, dude. Then, somehow, surprisingly, merely days before Outside Lands, everyone — and I mean everyone (at least according to my text message inbox) — was going.  It’s gonna be so tight, dude! MIA, Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews, TV on the Radio, Mars Volta! Amazing line-up! Whatever, everyone.  Especially a certain co-worker who got to leave work early on Sunday just to make it over to Golden Gate Park (see: I am jealous).

I didn’t go to Outside Lands, but that’s not going to stop me from writing a post about it.

Outside Lands Presents: Things I Want

Giant flat-screen tv that plays nothing but trippy light/pattern displays all day

Giant flat-screen tv that plays nothing but trippy light/pattern displays all day

This feather headband

This feather headband

Conor Oberst

Conor Oberst

Tiger face sequin dress

Cheeta face sequin dress

All pictures via [SFist] and [Gawker]

*Okay, I secretly love this song