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My Favorite Arrested Development Episode*

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Picture 7So Meredith and I are big Arrested Development fans on this blog.  After watching a few episodes this weekend I’ve come to the conclusion that the “Let ‘Em Eat Cake” which is the season finale of the first season might be my favorite episode–or at least one of my favorites.  After the jump, you’ll see why.  Continue reading

Marry Me!

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I’m really happy that she’s getting more work.  I want to see more of her.  Perhaps a producing gig? Maybe a remake of the “Old Man and the Sea”?

Allure Fights Natural Aging Process, Prefers “Nice, Naive” Girls [Jezebel]


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Let’s taste the happy tears of Friday and watch the Arrested Development season 2 blooper reel.  You are welcome.  Pop Pop gets a treat if you watch until the end.