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Found Objects

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Spooky, scary restaurant window, North Beach, San Francisco

Someone Stole My Costume and Halloween Dance!

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This is only a short clip, because NBC made everyone on youtube remove the actutal song…

Found Objects: Men’s Room Edition

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Such a truth nugget, bro.  If you want to hate the gays move some place else, like, Tuscon, or something.

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Is This the Best Store in San Francisco?

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Uh, I want to be this

So, Halloween is upon us, yet again.  And, once again, I have not given proper thought/time to rummaging together a proper costume.  This year, I have the added bonus of being a brokester, and ergo, unable to afford the cost that “rummaging together a proper costume” entails.  Then, today at work, I hit the cheap costume gold mine! I’d tell you what it is, but I don’t want you to steal my idea. Annnywayyy, costume idea firmly decided upon, I realized I had no idea where to get the accessories that I need.  That’s where Yelp came in.  That’s also how I stumbled across this totally incredible review for some store in the Mission called “Foxy Lady Boutique”…

Foxy Lady has a fantastic way of combining two of my favorite things; dressing up and being a whore.

…ps- Avoid the bacon dog cart until you’ve tried on your outfit. You’ll be happy you did when you can zip it up.

This sounds like the best store ever. 

It’s Official: This Blog is Team Taylor Squared

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Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner being young and good looking on the town. Is he old enough to drive? Does it matter?

We’re not sure why we were even holding out for so long.  We were on board while they were filming the only redeeming romcom coming out next year.  But, let’s get real. How cute are they together?  People even confirmed that they’re a couple!  Hooray!

Now, they need to stay together long enough so Swift can write an amazing love-gushed record, which will go platinum.  And if he breaks her heart, then she’ll write a break up album…which will also go platinum.  Girlfriend’s got material to last a lifetime.  Anyway, I really hope these two love birds make it. Not only are the aesthetically pleasing, but they both seem like nice people.  This blog is rooting for you!

T-N-T Explosive! [Jezebel]

Cover vs. Original

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Fact: Covers of songs usually suck.  Oftentimes, its not necessarily the fault of the artist doing the song cover, it’s just that the original was kind of a classic, and you just can’t improve upon a classic.  You can’t.

Little Discussed Fact: Sometimes covers are better than the original song.  Maybe it’s because the original kind of sucked, or maybe it’s because the artist doing the cover has completely re-arranged the structure of the song making it almost like a new song entirely — but for whatever reason, you hear the cover, and you think, “this is a really tight cover!”

This post is about those songs…

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A Super Hetero Christmas?

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IMG00334-20091028-1328-1So, some music company: a) keeps sending me really bad CDs, b) thinks I work at Conde Nast, c) just delighted me with this wonderful holiday sampling.  I can’t wait to upload these to my ipod…or not.

I May Or May Not Have Watched This For A Minute Straight

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