Cover vs. Original

Fact: Covers of songs usually suck.  Oftentimes, its not necessarily the fault of the artist doing the song cover, it’s just that the original was kind of a classic, and you just can’t improve upon a classic.  You can’t.

Little Discussed Fact: Sometimes covers are better than the original song.  Maybe it’s because the original kind of sucked, or maybe it’s because the artist doing the cover has completely re-arranged the structure of the song making it almost like a new song entirely — but for whatever reason, you hear the cover, and you think, “this is a really tight cover!”

This post is about those songs…

Today’s Match-up:

Love Hurts: Nazareth (original) V. Joan Jett (cover)



Verdict: I know that the Nazareth version is considered to be a Hair Band classic, but the lead-singer’s voice, combined with the slower tempo just makes it seem whiny to me.  Like a puppy who won’t stop yelping when you bring him inside after a walk, you just kind of want to kick it — oh, wait, just kidding.  Heh…

All prejudices towards Joan Jett aside, her version has a much more redemptive feel.  After Joan Jett tells you “but I know it isn’t true/I know it isn’t true/love is just a lie to make you blue” you feel empowered; Joan Jett makes you want to throw out that picture of your ex, throw on your hoody and combat boots, and kick down some shit.  The Nazareth version on the other hand, makes you want to drink a bottle of vodka by yourself and slit your wrists.  Joan Jett for the win!

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