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Is This the Best Store in San Francisco?

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Uh, I want to be this

So, Halloween is upon us, yet again.  And, once again, I have not given proper thought/time to rummaging together a proper costume.  This year, I have the added bonus of being a brokester, and ergo, unable to afford the cost that “rummaging together a proper costume” entails.  Then, today at work, I hit the cheap costume gold mine! I’d tell you what it is, but I don’t want you to steal my idea. Annnywayyy, costume idea firmly decided upon, I realized I had no idea where to get the accessories that I need.  That’s where Yelp came in.  That’s also how I stumbled across this totally incredible review for some store in the Mission called “Foxy Lady Boutique”…

Foxy Lady has a fantastic way of combining two of my favorite things; dressing up and being a whore.

…ps- Avoid the bacon dog cart until you’ve tried on your outfit. You’ll be happy you did when you can zip it up.

This sounds like the best store ever. 

A Super Hetero Christmas?

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IMG00334-20091028-1328-1So, some music company: a) keeps sending me really bad CDs, b) thinks I work at Conde Nast, c) just delighted me with this wonderful holiday sampling.  I can’t wait to upload these to my ipod…or not.

Anniversary of the Day of Birth

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It’s our San Francisco “editor’s” (?) birthday! And she’s working, like, a billion hours today and tomorrow. So much Boo is going on. SO, wish Mer a happy birthday.

Happy Memorial Day!

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