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I Would Bike 3,000 Miles

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When Mel moves to her new Bkln pad, I’m going to come visit.  I google mapped the trip.  Only 12 days by bike! Big Apple, Here I come!

It’s Funny ‘Cause It’s True

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My roomate is on

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Life’s Open-Fisted Punch to the Head

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This is a pretty good representation of how my life’s going these days:

Life’s Just Not that Into Me

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Last night was maybe the worst night ever.

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3:30am Review of “New Moon”

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I just saw a midnight screening of New Moon. Yeah. I was one of those girls. One of the many.  Over 2500 screens were sold out tonight. So there. Anyway. Here’s a quick and honest opinion of what I thought of the movie and experience. Continue reading

Remember When Spencer Pratt Followed Me On Twitter?

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  1. Wait, huh?
  2. I don’t follow him on Twitter.  Do I have to now?
  3. What?
  4. Why?

Is This the Best Store in San Francisco?

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Uh, I want to be this

So, Halloween is upon us, yet again.  And, once again, I have not given proper thought/time to rummaging together a proper costume.  This year, I have the added bonus of being a brokester, and ergo, unable to afford the cost that “rummaging together a proper costume” entails.  Then, today at work, I hit the cheap costume gold mine! I’d tell you what it is, but I don’t want you to steal my idea. Annnywayyy, costume idea firmly decided upon, I realized I had no idea where to get the accessories that I need.  That’s where Yelp came in.  That’s also how I stumbled across this totally incredible review for some store in the Mission called “Foxy Lady Boutique”…

Foxy Lady has a fantastic way of combining two of my favorite things; dressing up and being a whore.

…ps- Avoid the bacon dog cart until you’ve tried on your outfit. You’ll be happy you did when you can zip it up.

This sounds like the best store ever. 

Sunday Thoughts

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I haven’t listened to Pandora in forever.  That is, until today. Oh man, the “My Girls” by Animal Collective Pandora station is really doing amazing things to my ears right now.  If you like electric/synth pop with interweaving and complex vocal arrangements like, Radiohead, Discovery, MGMT or, duh, Animal Collective, you’ll dig this station.

Below, the oldy but goody that inspired it all: