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I May Or May Not Have Watched This For A Minute Straight

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Remember this little jerkface of adorableness?

HE DID IT!!!!!


Newsflash: Baby Bulldog gets up on own accord!!! [Cute Overload]

Dear Puppies, Why Are You So Cute?

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And why are you not here cuddling with me?  NOT FAIR.

I Don’t Care If This Is Real Or Fake…I Want This Dog

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Andrea: i want a bitter dog who only likes me

Cute Animals are Such Jerks

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picture-21God damn cute animals are such selfish little jerkfaces sometimes. I didn’t think anyone else shared my opinion until my brother pointed me in the direction of this blog. Highlights include:

(re: puppy) You fucking bastard. Why can’t both of your eyes be the same size? I’m on to you puppy. You can’t stop me. Stay out of my way, you goddamn asshole. And if you EVER put your chin on ANYTHING again, so help me, puppy, so fucking help me…

Seriously. How dare these cute animals be all adorable and snuggle worthy? A-holes. All of them. I just want to nuzzle in their soft fur/feathers. Ok, that’s enough.

Eff You Penguin

Secretary of Cute

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The First Dog at his first press conference
The First Dog at his first press conference

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that the Obamas fiiiinally got a new puppy, ending months of pointless speculation about what kind of dog would eventually take up residence in the White House. Well, earlier this week we found out (and, hundreds of Washington reports scurried around in panic, “ohhhh fuuuck! What are we supposed to write about NOW?”).  

My favorite story about Bo, the Portuguese Water dog, appeared in the Washington Post last weekend.  It’s worth a read, if only to marvel at the astounding number of dog puns author Manuel Roig-Franzia managed to squeeze into the article.  

You can read it here.  You’re woof-come. No, that didn’t work? Eh, I tried.