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3:30am Review of “New Moon”

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I just saw a midnight screening of New Moon. Yeah. I was one of those girls. One of the many.  Over 2500 screens were sold out tonight. So there. Anyway. Here’s a quick and honest opinion of what I thought of the movie and experience. Continue reading

Daily Crush

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This is from the Vanity Fair shoot for the December issue.  All of the pictures are just perfect: slight preppiness, scruff, disheveled hair, being British…Swoon.  Normally I don’t do a detailed daily crush post, but since Vanity Fair shot these, they’re really great–the coloring, lighting, angles, SUBJECT, etc.  Ok, I sound like a creeper.  Whatever. It happens. The rest are after the jump.  Enjoy.

Robert Pattinson – Vanity Fair Pictures [ROBsessed] Continue reading

Ok, Fine Dakota. We Get It. You’re Popular.

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Dakota Fanning: award winning actress in multi-million dollar movies, cheerleader, homecoming queen, once an awkward looking child but is now really cute and is in a movie with Robert Pattinson.  If she didn’t seem like such a normal girl in a town full of crazies I would hate her so much.  So instead, I’m just super jealous.

Dakota Fanning Crowned Homecoming Queen [Just Jared]

It’s Official: This Blog is Team Taylor Squared

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Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner being young and good looking on the town. Is he old enough to drive? Does it matter?

We’re not sure why we were even holding out for so long.  We were on board while they were filming the only redeeming romcom coming out next year.  But, let’s get real. How cute are they together?  People even confirmed that they’re a couple!  Hooray!

Now, they need to stay together long enough so Swift can write an amazing love-gushed record, which will go platinum.  And if he breaks her heart, then she’ll write a break up album…which will also go platinum.  Girlfriend’s got material to last a lifetime.  Anyway, I really hope these two love birds make it. Not only are the aesthetically pleasing, but they both seem like nice people.  This blog is rooting for you!

T-N-T Explosive! [Jezebel]

My Fleeting Attempt at Being a Fashionista

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IMG00243-20090911-1514So I’ve lived in New York for about three years now and all this time I have never taken part in any fashion activities so this year I figured I should at least see what all the hubbub is about.  I should mention that it helps that I also have a contact at IMG who got me into fashion shows.  Lesson here kids: it’s never what you know, it’s who you know. Don’t stay in school, just learn how to mingle and fake a degree from an Ivy League or at least FIT.

Continue reading

Daily Crush

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When Crushing Goes Too Far

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Remember how I said that you should leave crushes as crushes?  Well, I kind of disregarding my own advice when my co-worker pointed me to this new feature on the Volkswagen site to make your own baby without actually “making” one.  These are pretty well known, but you use a picture of yourself and anyone else to see what your spawn would look like.  Of course, I used this amazing tool to see what my future children with my crushes would look like.  Results were mixed, but mostly adorable, which makes my crushes even more crazy because now I know how what our children will look like running around our back yard blowing bubbles and giggling…yeah…

Moral of the Story:  Crushing leads to being a crazy lady.

[UPDATE: Moral #2: I’m a creeper.]

Jack - My baby with Chris Pine

Jack - My baby with Chris Pine

Ollie - My baby with Rupert Grint

Ollie - My baby with Rupert Grint

Taylor - My (somehow black child) with Robert Pattinson

Taylor - My (somehow black child) with Robert Pattinson

Daniel  - My (more accurate looking) baby with Robert Pattinson

Daniel - My (more accurate looking) baby with Robert Pattinson

Searching for Bobby Pattinson

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that smile

he's smiling at me

So today I kind of stumbled upon a jackpot.  And if by stumble I mean plotted and by jackpot I mean a tween heartthrob.  I’m not even sure why I’m kind of obsessed with Robert Pattinson because he seems a little too hipster to by my type and yet…the infatuation ensues.

I heard from various interweb gossip sites that RPattz (the name that Seth and Eva affectionately gave him) was filming at NYU.  Annie, my co-worker who also adores the film star, and I decided to head over there during our lunch hour to possibly catch a glimpse of the guy who plays a sparkly vampire.

We eventually find our way to the crowds (about 20 or so girls, gays and old people who wanted to know what the fuss was all about) and with the help of the other fans, we spotted Him.  I mean, it is hard to miss that tall, gangly, perfectly/messily coiffed hair, clad in plaid, smoking a cigarette, chiseled jawbone, gorgeousness of a guy.

gaggle of girls

the other girls that decided to spend their lunch hours stalking rpattz

Annie and I got there at a good time because there weren’t any screaming tweens.  I mean, sure there were a bunch of girls taking pictures, but no one was yelling, fainting or crying. For the most part, it was pretty calm.  I guess later more kids showed up and started freaking out to the point that he had to dash into his trailer.  Yeah.  People are weird.

so far away

if you squint you can see the plaid

Back to my own stalking (which was not creepy at all).  Annie and I found a little spot and  took some pictures.  Annie’s iphone couldn’t zoom in enough  so I took out my camera and zoomed in and snapped away.  Although he was far away, he was shooting a walking scene so as he walked down the sidewalk, he got closer to where we were perched.  We actually didn’t freak out, but we were giddy and, Annie and I did high five ourselves for our efforts and awesomeness and then went over to the NY Dosa cart (vegan, what what) then headed back to the office.

I guess some intern over at Daily Intel of also went over to WSP to check out RPattz and it must have been after we left that the crowd went apeshit crazy, freaked out and the intern was unable to take any pictures.  Daily Intel posted his observations sans photographic evidence.  Annie came over to my desk and urged me to send my pics to them, “Mel, your pictures are awesome.  You need to bring over your pictures.”  Meanwhile, I was in a group gchat with the other rabid RPattz fans–Seth, Eva, Andrea, Jessica and Nicole–about my sighting and they were getting ticked off (to put it lightly) that I didn’t bring a camera cord with me to upload the pictures immediately.  I mean, the fact that I had my camera at all is a blessing.

Anyway, to make an even longer story longer: I e-mailed Jess Pressler at Daily Intel that I had pictures, she asked me to bring them over, a photo editor took them from my camera card, me: do i need to sign anything? photo editor: not really?, deal was sealed with a high five (true story), 15 minutes later Daily Intel posted my photos in a slideshow and listed me as the source, which meant that I made my “editorial debut” on as the creeper and taking pictures of a tween heartthrob.  Awesome.  What’s cool is that now that page is one of the most viewed pages on  I feel so…famous-ish.  Ah, fame.  So fleeting.  I should join “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here” while I still can.

However, I’m not going to lie, after talking about this all day and uploading the pictures, I’m a little bit over the “celeb stalking” thing. I don’t know.  It’s kind of creepy to know that I’m probably not the only person who’s posting about their encounter with this random actor and that the random pictures I took are now on a nationally viewed website.  I’ve told people that I’m going to take up a summer hobby of finding celebs and I mean, I probably will but do I want to write about it?  I feel sketch going into details about seeing someone but is it creepier to just post pictures instead?  Oh, the woes of being a photog.

Daily Crush

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twilightToday I’m having a major crush on falling in love. And making out. Yeah. Definitely MTFOing. Don’t worry, it will pass in a day or so.  It happens.