Hey It Could’ve Happened to, Anybo — Er, Wait, No. No It Couldn’t’ve.

So I have today off.  Yeah, I know, it’s Tuesday, who has Tuesdays off? Don’t ask why, that’s just the way my schedule works.  Here’s what I’ve been up to today:

Meredith: true or false: i’m holed up in my apartment like it’s a bunker

Melanie: uh oh
Melanie’s new status message – people with crushes should not have access to this:  http://www.vw.com/vwhype/babymaker/en/us/ 1:47 PM
Meredith: well because the girl who’s on the lease, her friend came to stay over last night
he left early in the morning, and i was juuuust about to take a shower, when he came back, so i ran back into my room and pretended i wasn’t there
the this lasted for about 45 minutes
then he left. juuuust about to venture out again, when the lock turns again
Melanie: oh my god!
what is he DOING?
Meredith: it’s the girl on the lease, here to pick up some shit, but i don’t want to deal with her either
she has a friend with her
Melanie: ohhhhhhh
Meredith: hello? why aren’t you at work
theyyyyy are not going to leave for awhile
so i’m stuck
Melanie: ughhh what if you have to pee
Meredith: uhhh i do!
but i’m holdin’ it
the irony of this situation, i was so stoked to leave the apartment and DO something today
Melanie: ughhhhhisn’t that always how it works
Meredith: annnd now they’re making coffee
and watching tv
they will never leave
i’m so mad
and starving
Melanie: orrrr you could just walk out say hi and leave
and be awk
Meredith: hahahahah
i might give up and do that eventually
Sent at 1:51 PM on Tuesday
Melanie’s new status message – people with crushes should not have access to this:  http://www.vw.com/vwhype/babymaker/en/us/ Andrea: WHA TTHE FUCK YOU HAD A BLACK BABY WITH EDWARD CULLEN!?   1:56 PM
Melanie: i’m having way too much fun making babies
Sent at 2:00 PM on Tuesday
Meredith: hahaha that is not surprising
Sent at 2:02 PM on Tuesday
Meredith: ohhhh busted
her mom busted in on my room
they were looking for an iron
Melanie: awwwww
Meredith: “how do two girls live in an apartment and not have an iron?”
“go check in the bedrooms”
oh, hey. surprise!
Melanie: hahahaha
Meredith: oh well i guess this means i can leave now
Melanie: hooray!
Sent at 2:05 PM on Tuesday
Melanie: want to see rupes and my kid?

One Response to “Hey It Could’ve Happened to, Anybo — Er, Wait, No. No It Couldn’t’ve.”

  1. melsanie Says:

    i like this because we’re pretty much having 2 separate conversations. standard.

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