2 Responses to “Oh Yeah, You Totally Want to be Crunched”

  1. thedith Says:

    dear mel,
    i have a crush on you for writing this post — and i don’t even get crushes! also, this is the most expansive list of crush songs i think i have ever seen. soooomebody’s been doin’ their homework…

    you forgot one though, “see you again” by miley cyrus


    • melsanie Says:

      dear mer,
      don’t try to be in a relationship with me. shit will get weird. let’s keep it cool for the sake of the blog.

      also, good call on miley. the first time i freaked out, i started looking down, i st-st-stuttered when you asked me what i’m thinkin’ bout.

      ohhh boy, the fact that i know all the words is a post unto itself.

      hearts and butterflies,

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