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(90) Days of Unemployment

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It has been approximately 90 days since I was laid off.  It’s 3:30 am.  I can’t sleep.  It’s hard to imagine now, but the day after I got laid off, I went to Vegas for three days.  Yep, that’s right, Vegas.  Granted, I was already planning to go to Vegas before I got laid off — bought my ticket during my lunch break the very day I got laid off, but really? I did that? Reckless? Irresponsible? Stupid? Or best decision of my life?  I vacillate between the last two.  I think it was simultaneously both.  Foolish perhaps, but at the time, I think it was what I needed to get my mojo flowing. Sometimes, you gotta do stupid things to get your groove back.

Since being laid off, I’ve temped part-time at a non-profit that organizes continuing education opportunities for Seniors;  I’ve worked (well, work, present tense) at a restaurant.  I’ve met dozens of new people — some I’ve been apathetic about, some I’ve disliked; many I’ve liked, and some I’ve really liked.  Some, I’ve regrettably fallen out of contact with because I’m bad at staying in contact with people (if you’re one of those people, and you’re reading this, hey, let’s hang out by the way?).  I’ve Networked with countless people to no avail; sent out billions more cover letters and resumes, and heard back from few.  Then, in the month of July, I all but gave up.  I knew that I needed to keep trying, but it just got to be so damn dispiriting.  This, was no funemployment.

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Hey It Could’ve Happened to, Anybo — Er, Wait, No. No It Couldn’t’ve.

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So I have today off.  Yeah, I know, it’s Tuesday, who has Tuesdays off? Don’t ask why, that’s just the way my schedule works.  Here’s what I’ve been up to today:

Meredith: true or false: i’m holed up in my apartment like it’s a bunker

Melanie: uh oh
Melanie’s new status message – people with crushes should not have access to this: 1:47 PM
Meredith: well because the girl who’s on the lease, her friend came to stay over last night
he left early in the morning, and i was juuuust about to take a shower, when he came back, so i ran back into my room and pretended i wasn’t there
the this lasted for about 45 minutes
then he left. juuuust about to venture out again, when the lock turns again
Melanie: oh my god!
what is he DOING?
Meredith: it’s the girl on the lease, here to pick up some shit, but i don’t want to deal with her either
she has a friend with her
Melanie: ohhhhhhh
Meredith: hello? why aren’t you at work
theyyyyy are not going to leave for awhile
so i’m stuck
Melanie: ughhh what if you have to pee
Meredith: uhhh i do!
but i’m holdin’ it
the irony of this situation, i was so stoked to leave the apartment and DO something today
Melanie: ughhhhhisn’t that always how it works
Meredith: annnd now they’re making coffee
and watching tv
they will never leave
i’m so mad
and starving
Melanie: orrrr you could just walk out say hi and leave
and be awk
Meredith: hahahahah
i might give up and do that eventually
Sent at 1:51 PM on Tuesday
Melanie’s new status message – people with crushes should not have access to this: Andrea: WHA TTHE FUCK YOU HAD A BLACK BABY WITH EDWARD CULLEN!?   1:56 PM
Melanie: i’m having way too much fun making babies
Sent at 2:00 PM on Tuesday
Meredith: hahaha that is not surprising
Sent at 2:02 PM on Tuesday
Meredith: ohhhh busted
her mom busted in on my room
they were looking for an iron
Melanie: awwwww
Meredith: “how do two girls live in an apartment and not have an iron?”
“go check in the bedrooms”
oh, hey. surprise!
Melanie: hahahaha
Meredith: oh well i guess this means i can leave now
Melanie: hooray!
Sent at 2:05 PM on Tuesday
Melanie: want to see rupes and my kid?

Uh, More Like FUNemployment…

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Are we still raising the roof?

Are we still raising the roof?

So, unless that case of the swine flu you caught the other day has left you disoriented and/or amnesiatic, you probably know that our economy? Not so hot right now.  And California? Not the healthiest state in The Union. You may have heard that California has the fourth highest unemployment rate in the country; or that the entire state ran out of cash in February .  Today, I read that one million Californians are unemployed.  That’s right, 1 million.  You’d think that this would kind of bum people out.  You’d be wrong. Now that no one has to work during the day, people are happier than ever.  Take my neighborhood for example:


My local park was teeming with people sprawled luxuriously in the sun.  Some were shirtless, others wore bathing suits — and only two were just crazy homeless people.  None were tourists.  The sidewalk cafes were littered with Yuppy couples and friends, probably trading composting tips; gelato shops were packed with hooded-headed hipsters.  I could go on, except, what is going on San Francisco?  No one is at work, and no one seems to mind.  Is there a such thing as “funemployment?”

I’d ask my unemployed musician neighbor who lives upstairs, but he’s too busy blasting gypsy carnival music to answer.