I Don’t Like This

If I were Mark Zuckerberg, Emporer of Facebook, Id terminate the Friend Suggestion feature ASAP

If I were Mark Zuckerberg, Emporer of Facebook, I'd terminate the Friend Suggestion feature ASAP

You know how facebook has that totally useless side bar where they “recommend” people for you to add as a friend?  Usually it’s someone you went to school with, or someone who happens to be facebook friends with a lot of your facebook friends; someone you’ve probably met, but for whatever reason your relationship never progressed to facebook.

Imagine my surprise when the opposite happened.  Today, facebook recommended someone who I was casually seeing for a bit, here in SF,  but we never progressed to facebook friends on account of the fact that I was kind of bored with him, and then he rudely dumped via text message. Like, uh, thanks facebook, for recommending we be facebook friends, but I don’t even want to be real life friends with this person, thank you very much, let alone add him as a virtual one.

But then, curiousity got the best of me (of course) and I decided to look at Senior Text Dropper’s (TM) profile.  Stupidly, his profile is public, meaning anyone can see his profile — including the fact that as of a few days ago he “went from being single to in a relationship.”  Gag me, facebook.  But also? Close call, me.  And, while I’m glad to have avoided ending up in that boring relationship, I’m not particularly glad facebook decided to make me aware of my good fortune.  If you’re not in my phone anymore, I don’t want you in my life — facebook or otherwise.  So, I give facebook’s friend recommender a facebook thumbs down: do not like.

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