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Group Discount on Rehab?

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Lindsay Lohan Takes Taylor Momsen Under Her Wing [Just Jared]

Is It Weird that I Kind of Want This?

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From the people who brought you The Boyfriend Pillow (well, actually, I don’t know if that’s true…) comes, The Girlfriend Lap Pillow!

Lifetime supply of social awkwardness and membership to the Masturbation is the Best I’m Ever Going to Get club included.

Making Something Out Of Nothing

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Really People magazine?  Really?

Really People magazine? Really?

Sometimes You Just Want To…Zzzz

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meredith: wait. stop. just saw a commercial for midol pm and had to come back
wtf? midol pm?
that doesn’t even make sense
i can’t wait until they come out with like, zoloft pm
or claritin pm
wendy’s chicken nuggets pm
okay, and now i’m done

Oh, Really?

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shoesWired has a review of these new running shoes, Vibram FiveFingers (which, by the way sounds like a really fun sex toy, if you ask me…), a minimalist running shoe, that shuns the padding, thick soles, and gawdy “shock absorbing technology” like air bubbles/springs etc… of more traditional shoes; instead, the FiveFingers shoes looks kind of like a pair of gloves for your feet.  Kind of like a cross between those individual toe socks my friends and I were obsessed with in 5th grade, and Aqua Socks (aka the most fun water shoes ever).

According to Wired, so-called minimalist running footware is gaining in popularity due to “a growing body of research [that] suggests that minimal or no footwear will result in fewer running injuries.”

Scientific research aside, I kind of like these shoes. They’re kind of cool looking, in their own ugly way. And yet, I don’t know that I can get behind them; see, for me, that individual toe sock phase didn’t last very long, as I always found it uncomfortable to have my toes individually separated.  [Ed note: recently, I came up with this theory that I have an acute case of webbed feet — no seriously, I do! But that’s really an issue for another post…] So, I’m forced to conclude, that I’d love to try out running around in these babies, but also? I don’t get them.

Other things I don’t get?

  • Why anyone gives a fuck what the Obama children are wearing. Oh, and see here as well… — oh, really, The Washington Post?
  • How it took a Twitter update from Lindsay Lohan to convince Jessica Biel to break up with Justin Timberlake…orrr why my mom emailed me this story…
  • The fact that people still wear jorts, as though this is okay.
  • Daughtry
  • How the cartoons in The New Yorker are funny.
  • The fact that I still don’t know how to skateboard.
  • Why One Tree Hill still comes on tv.  Seriously, Arrested Development gets cancelled after three seasons, and yet One Tree Hill‘s been on for like ten years?
  • Tourists.
  • People who say “hecka” instead of “hella”.  This sounds ridiculous.  Just stop.
  • Why it took me so long to get into 808’s & Heartbreak.
  • Why Mel doesn’t live on the West Coast.

Vibram FiveFingers KSO and Classic Running Shoes [Wired]

Conservative Free Republic Blog in Free Speech Flap After Racial Slurs Directed at Obama Children [The Vancouver Sun] via [Gawker]

Who Are They Wearing? It’s A Matter of Public Record [The Washington Post]

Jessica Biel Calls it Quits [Wooden Spears] via My Mom

Is That a Guitar in Your Hand or Are You Happy To See Me?

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So, unless you’ve been (blissfully) in a comma for the past few days, you know that Tuesday was the big ol’ Michael Jackson last harrah memorial service.  Yes, I watched it, but only because I don’t have a remote control for my tv, and I didn’t feel like getting out of bed.

Yeah, yeah, it was gawdy and a little garish, boring at parts too, but you know what struck me most about the whole affair? The fact that John Mayer got up onstage, and masturbated with his guitar, while playing a muzak version of “Human Nature” that dentists/elevator operators around the country can’t wait to get their hands on.  I mean, true, this is actually a really good performance, but, c’mon, seriously, buddy?

Woop Woop When You Run Come Around, ‘Cause I Know You’re The Talk (or Not) of the Town, Yeah

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So you know this song:

Of course you do, everybody does.  When it comes on, even the wall floweriest of the wall flowers, the leftiest of the two-left feet crowd, and that hipster with the really great neck muscles honed during countless nights of aloofishly nodding along to throbbing beats in crowded clubs gets on their feet, and starts breakin’ it down.

But did you know, the chick who sings this song died, like two years ago? Yeah, didn’t think so. In fact, no one does*. So here we all are, gettin’ down to this song in the club (or in that Target commercial) all the while, without a clue that the singer has died. Freaky, right?

*Sidenote: No one even actually knows the lyrics to this song either.  New Roomate and I didn’t even know they were singing in English…

I Don’t Like This

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If I were Mark Zuckerberg, Emporer of Facebook, Id terminate the Friend Suggestion feature ASAP

If I were Mark Zuckerberg, Emporer of Facebook, I'd terminate the Friend Suggestion feature ASAP

You know how facebook has that totally useless side bar where they “recommend” people for you to add as a friend?  Usually it’s someone you went to school with, or someone who happens to be facebook friends with a lot of your facebook friends; someone you’ve probably met, but for whatever reason your relationship never progressed to facebook.

Imagine my surprise when the opposite happened.  Today, facebook recommended someone who I was casually seeing for a bit, here in SF,  but we never progressed to facebook friends on account of the fact that I was kind of bored with him, and then he rudely dumped via text message. Like, uh, thanks facebook, for recommending we be facebook friends, but I don’t even want to be real life friends with this person, thank you very much, let alone add him as a virtual one.

But then, curiousity got the best of me (of course) and I decided to look at Senior Text Dropper’s (TM) profile.  Stupidly, his profile is public, meaning anyone can see his profile — including the fact that as of a few days ago he “went from being single to in a relationship.”  Gag me, facebook.  But also? Close call, me.  And, while I’m glad to have avoided ending up in that boring relationship, I’m not particularly glad facebook decided to make me aware of my good fortune.  If you’re not in my phone anymore, I don’t want you in my life — facebook or otherwise.  So, I give facebook’s friend recommender a facebook thumbs down: do not like.

Whoever Said ‘Children Should Be Seen and Not Heard,’ Forgot that Sometimes, Not Even Seen…

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Here I was, enjoying my evening, popping blisters and watching that Kathy Griffin show (which, an hour later I still don’t understand…) When a commercial for that new Bravo show about NYC prep school students comes on.  I was personally offended.  The concept of the show is utterly outrageous.  Granted, I didn’t go to an NYC prep school, but I’m preeeetty positive Gossip Girl is not based on a true story. It’s not even a “ripped from the headlines,” Law & Order style, representation of anyone’s high school experience.  Sweet Valley High is a more realistic depiction of high school, okay? And I think those books were about identical twin sisters who like, solve crimes in their spare time…

Anyway, despite the fact that they’re calling it a “new reality show!” this new Bravo show is not based in reality at all.  And all the kids are terribly beautiful and fabulously WASPY of course. Of course.  Well, except for one heinously inbred blonde chick, and a kinda fat boy who says pompous things and clearly fancies himself a real live version of Chuck Bass. Hate me all you want for pointing out  the following, but these two kids are what real NYC prep school kids look like: inbred, kinda fat, Jewish, and 45. Make a show about THAT, Bravo.

NYC Prep – Bravo TV Official Site [Bravo]

You Have GOT to be Kidding Me

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I don’t care how skinny your legs are.  Jeans or “jeggings”  (that word is just horrendous) that look like they’re painted onto your legs are WRONG.  This is not a fashion statement, it is just straight up offensive.  If you wear these, you’re essentially saying to the world, “Not only do I love being uncomfortable in these ‘pants’ that are so tight I can’t breathe, but I also want you to feel uncomfortable by looking at me.  Oh also, LOOK AT ME!  LOOK AT ME!  GIVE ME ATTENTION!”  Yeah.  I’m not a fan. VETO.

Whitney wore jeggings to throw out the first pitch at a Dodgers game?  Really?  [eye roll]

omg Whitney, you're so edgy with your paint on jeans