Where Everybody Inexplicably Knows Your Name

Meredith:  wait, i’m seriously concenered, how did the time warner guy know your name? is it cheers there?
 Melanie:  well i’m ordering it and he knew my name was melanie
but then he’s like, hey mel let’s get you set up

Meredith:  HAHAHA
i hate when you go to a place so much they know your order and/or name
at the starbucks across the street, they don’t even ask me what i want anymore, they tell me

Meredith:  and today, i was waiting forever at the pick up side, because they forgot to make my drink, and the kid at the counter saw me, and told his co-worker to stop making that cookie crumble iced frap or whatever lame businessmen with blonde hair wearing purple shirts drink, and make my drink
he recited it perfectly

and then i realized i need to go get coffee someplace else sometimes

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