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Did You Know There is a Song About Cheese Curds?

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Because there is! According to Wikipedia, “The New York Times in 1911 reported on an ancient Celtic song, dating from the 12th century, that mentioned cheese curd, perhaps the first musical reference to the most musical of cheeses:” Continue reading

Live: From the Midwest, It’s Conservatism and Apple Pie

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Usually I only go back to Wisconsin for the big holidays, Fourth of July and Thanksgiving, but this weekend I returned to the land of cheese because my friends Emily and Luke got married after about 8 years of dating. I was there when they started dating and at almost every step along the way, so it was really exciting to see them finally get hitched.  I’ve never been home in the fall so I also got my fill of apples, comfort food and a hefty amount of conservative talk–because nothing says Autumn like denouncing gay marriage and mashed potatoes. Hand in hand, really. Continue reading

Welcome to New York, Father Timmy D!

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Wisconsin Pride in New York? I dig it.

I wouldn’t say I’m the most devout Catholic.  I did actually give up chocolate for Lent this year but, I mean, I haven’t even been to church since I was confirmed in high school.  However, with the arrival of Archbishop Timothy Dolan from Milwaukee as the new leader and high priest of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York, I might go to mass, especially if he keeps up the funny, as reported by the New York Times:

“Go away, Lord! I’m not your man,” he said in recounting an inner dialogue with God. “My Spanish is lousy and my English not much better. I’m still angry at New York for taking Favre and Sabathia from us in Wisconsin. The Yankees and Mets over the Cardinals and Brewers? Forget it!” he said. It was the first homily at St. Patrick’s in recent memory that was punctuated with exclamation marks in the official transcript.

Ohh Dolan, you slay me.  You’re just what the Catholic Church needs.  May the Lord be with you (and also with you).

A Grand Entrance at St. Patrick’s Cathedral [NY Times]

Frank Lambert and a Crab

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Remember Frank Lambert? The dad from Step by Step? (side note: that show supposedly took place a half hour from my home town and it should be made known that my high school’s sports teams beat them on the regular–except in football because they raise GIANTS out there.) Well, Frank (aka Patrick Duffy) has nominated himself to embody the older generations cluelessness about technology. He doesn’t know about Facebook so who should teach him? No, not his kid. No, not Google. Wait, did you say a talking puppet crab?? DING DING DING. I’m as serious as a monkey in space. To make it even better? The crab looks like he just spent the night drinking tequila and then got beat up by a degenerate lobster or some other crustacean. (true or false: I had to spell check crustacean. That word is mad tricky) Now, if we can get a guest appearance from JD or Cody, I’ll love these even more.