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2:32* Mel: Omg transformers 2

2:34 Mer: Omg i know! I just saw a cardboard cut out and almost jizzed my pants

2:37 Mel: Preview on full screen is clutch

2:46 Mel: Whoa the guy who killed ben’s daughter is in this.  I’m in wolverine btw

2:51 Mer: oh no shit u saw the transformers trailer in the theater? holy moly! Hows wolverine?

2:57 Mel: Good.  total blockbuster.  Ryan is good looking.

2:57 Mel: And a cute asian


*Time in PST

This Is Tweeting — We’re Tweeting Right?

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Entertainment Tonight co-host, Maria Menounos

Entertainment Tonight co-host, Maria Menounos

thedith@melsanie: need something to do while at sushi? follow maria menunos: …you’re welcome 8:33 PM  




melsanie@TheDith: omg. well, through her i found gerard “gerry” butler. (…)*. YOU are welcome. 8:50 PM  from web in reply to thedith

3000s Gerard Butler

3000's Gerard Butler


thedith@melsanie: i dunno, he just reminds me of “ps, i love you” and ps, i hated that movie 2:03 AM from web in reply to melsanie

This movie is the pits

This movie is the pits











*It appears Gerard Butler’s Twitter page is no longer working, BUT through Maria Menounos, I found Kim Kardashian.  Again, you’re welcome.