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GChat Gangstas

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Melanie: not me
my next boyfriend is going to be stellar all around
we’re going to be the most fabulous couple
everyone is going to be jealzbots 2012
Meredith: does this mean this
won’t happen until 2012?
Melanie: no, we’re going to be so amazing, people will think they time traveled to 2012 because they won’t know where they are

Deep Thoughts

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Truth: The awesomeness of Darkwing Duck is not discussed often enough.

Nerd Venn Diagram

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As you can see, based off of this Venn Diagram, I am always a dork; oftentimes a nerd; and, sometimes a dweeb (depending on the intelligence level of who I’m hanging out with).  Luckily, I’m never a geek.  But, I mean, that was something we all knew already.

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And This Phrase Has Been Added to my Repertoire

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why i love facebook quizzes

What we had to answer in order to find out who our celeb BFFs are. Extremely accurate.

That’s right.  Mer and I?  We are grown ass women who ain’t got no time.  We’ll end up in jail for killin that beotch.  Don’t mess with us.  Seriously?  Amazing.

Quiz results were actually quite accurate.  Mer’s celeb BFF is Beyonce:  

“Wow in High School girls hated yall and guys consider you two to be stuck up. Yall gossip about everyone and talk down about people, and when confronted all yall do is lie. Scared to fight so you guys play it off by laughing and walking away. You two have beautiful faces but UGLY attitudes. Yall stay in class during lunch and never attend school activities. Known to be the teachers biggest pets. Two faceded and back stabbers…use people to get what yall want. Nothing but fakeness and Scary as hell!”

My celeb BFF is Nikki Minaj (?)

You two were known for drama in High School…Always fighting and jumping people to this day. Loved the spot light even if it was negative. Didn’t care to much about school other then the sex ed class. Boys consider yall the ride da die type of chicks. Like one of the boys, you two were high almost everyday in the back of your history class talking shyt about the teacher. Love to dress and always had yall nails and hair done. Tight jeans, small shirts, and nike dunks is what yall wore. With a mouth full of gold. Had a mouth piece like outta dis world…every young dude dream girl! But now things are getting a little old and the game is getting tired..time to grow up and become ladies so that guys could respect you. But no matta what yall still got that bad bitch attitude beneath the fake smiles…lol You will always like the bad boy type. A man you can’t run over and that could tame you and all your wild ways.

I’m Not Judging At All

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Caroline: remember the puppet, guy smiley?

Caroline: he was such a stud

You Can’t Dispute The Truth

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Youll never convince me otherwise

You'll never convince me otherwise