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Dear Television Writers of Awful Shows That You Can Watch in Re-runs on the Hallmark Channel

Posted in eff this, television with tags , , , , on July 30, 2009 by thedith

Sometimes, I turn the tv on, and keep it on as background noise while I’m doing other stuff.  It’s a concept similar to listening to background music while you cook/read/blog/whatever.  Anyway, I was doing that now, Touched By an Angel was on, and I stopped to watch what was going on, and okay, I don’t know much about how angels work, but they’re already dead right? Or at the very least, celestial beings who were never alive.  Meaning, they can’t die, and they can’t go through human suffering — right? So then why does Della Reese’s character have Altzheimer’s?  Is that possible? How can an angel get dementia? What the fuck, writers?! This is worse than that episode of Full House where Michelle had amnesia.  That, while stupid, at least made sense — after all, a nine-year-old midget child COULD very well get amnesia after falling off of a horse during a horseback riding competition.  Angels on the other hand, cannot get Altzheimers.  Nice try TBAA writers.  I am happy to see that Marky Post joined the cast in the later seasons of this show.  Homegirl needed (present tense, needs) some work.

Adventures in Theme Songs

Posted in adventures in theme songs with tags , , , , on July 6, 2009 by thedith

Today gives us Touched By An Angel.  Yeah, maybe I know all the lyrics to this theme song.  That just means it’s awesome.