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Daily Crush

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karl urban

He's more familiar than you think--if you're also a nerd.

So I was first going to post this guy, Karl Urban, as the doctor from Star Trek, but after looking him up on imdb, this guy was a bad guy in The Bourne Supremacy, a king from the Lord of the Rings movies and was in Xena. And to top it all off he’s from New Zealand.  Done and done.

Daily Crush

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Turns Out We’re Geeks on This Blog

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This is what we actually look like when we blog.

This is what we actually look like when we blog.

Earlier Meredith mentioned her excitement for the Star Trek movie and I totally mirror that sentiment.  I grew up with an older brother who forced me to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, so I got into the show.  (High five sibling bonding time via television.)  Anyway, thanks to him I am a sci-fi nerd which means that in addition to being stoked about Star Trek, I’m also psyched for Wolverine, which comes out this weekend. It’ll be cool to see how Logan got turned into a mutant as well as a young Cyclops who can’t control his crazy laser eyes.

I’m not really a big Hugh Jackman fan, I mean he’s cute and has an accent, but eh, doesn’t really do it for me.  But you know who does?  TIM RIGGINS.  Yeah, Taylor Kitsch is in this movie with that sexy southern drawl.  Also featured?  Ryan Reynolds.  Mmhmm. So in terms of the man candy that the movie execs bring in so that girls will see the movie?  I’m sold.

Here’s the preview so you can get into it too.  Seriously?  This movie is gonna be SO GOOD.

gchat gangstas

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Melanie: true or false:  i’m following levar burton on twitter in the hopes that he’d just talk about star trek and reading rainbow
Sent at 2:16 PM on Thursday
Meredith: hahahahaha
ohhhh butterflies in the skyyyy
i was super impressed that you found nicole richie
finding her opened up a pandora’s box of people on twitter
ashlee simpson, pete wentz, people related to the maddens, samantha ronson, perez hilton
Sent at 2:20 PM on Thursday
Melanie: i KNOW
thanks random blog about celebrities that i check
Sent at 2:23 PM on Thursday
Melanie: found out nicole and ashlee are besties
which i found kind of funny
but not surprising
Sent at 2:25 PM on Thursday
Meredith: uh i find it a little surprising
what do they have in common? having babies with douche bags?
nicole richie is 10 times cooler
and also, the subject of any blind item about a supposedly cleaned up mom, popping oxycotin like candy
Melanie: dark secret:  i think she’s cool
Meredith: you think ashlee is cool?
Melanie: nooo nicole
no idea why
Meredith: ohhhh okay, no dark secret, just the plain ol truuth
Melanie: yeah.  ashlee named her kid bronx and refers to him as “bx”
Meredith: HAHAHA
Melanie: like, what is that about?
Meredith: omg how awful for everyone involved
where is child protective services when you need them?

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Levar Burton

Nicole Richie

Ashlee Simpson