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Things to Do Once I Finally Have a Permanent Job

Posted in Life, random with tags , , , , on September 16, 2009 by thedith

1. Visit friends and family back East.

2. Quit my job at the restuarant and, ergo, quit my 3-4 times/week smoking habit.

3. Find Jon and Kate in Pennslyvania and offer to take like, 2 of the 8 off their hands.

4. Buy a leather jacket.

5. Learn how to skateboard.

6. Turn Roomie Madoff’s bedroom into a meth lab.

7. Visit Duke in Paris.

8. “Visit” the cast of Lost in Hawaii and trick my way into a starring role for the final season.

9. Get a Wii.

10. Get Shia Labeouf to be my boyfriend.

11. Travel more.

12. Organize peace on earth.

Things That Are True

Posted in Weekend Wars with tags , , , , , on June 20, 2009 by thedith
Also true: I think Biggie was better than Tupac

Also true: I think Biggie was better than Tupac

Last night, we met some people from the East Coast at a bar.  And boy, was it refreshing to have a conversation where the H-bomb (“hella” — or it’s retarded cousin, “hecka”) wasn’t dropped even once.

Things were “awesome” instead of “tight.”  And while a lot of things were “cool,” they certainly weren’t “sweet.”  I kind of liked this.  Then, later, they decided to smoke a bowl.

“This stuff is mad sticky, it’s hard to pack it in here.”  Eastie commented.  “Would you like some?”

The Good Ex-Roomate and I passed on this proposition, and then the East Coasters took a hit a piece, and almost passed out.

And that’s when I remembered another thing about people from the East Coast: they can’t take West Coast weed.

That’s hella rough.