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I. I Just Give Up.

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Picture 5I don’t even have words.  I’m stuffing gift bags, the rest of America is worried about health care, there are earthquakes in the South Pacific and January Jones is talking about sharks.  Don’t get me wrong.  I watched the episode about them on 60 Minutes, it was really riveting and I was appalled, but why are talking to John McCain?  Isn’t he from a state that’s landlocked? I’m too tired to investigate but something doesn’t add up.

January Jones and John McCain Talk Sharks [Just Jared]

Swimming With Sharks [60 Minutes]

Sharkle Week

Posted in gchat gangstas with tags , , , on April 20, 2009 by melsanie

My gchat status: IT’S SPARKLE WEEK!  no really, it is.

kate: far superior to shark week

me: ohhh i don’t know
shark week is pretty baller
kate: sparkle week though?
kate: when else would i get rhinestone encrusted items
me: good point
me: oh man
what if we had SPARKLE SHARK WEEK
where the sharks were bedazzled
kate: yessss
my head would probably explode
it could be called sharkle
a sparkley shark