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You Shut Your Mouth When You’re Talking To Me

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Seth: When are we going to see The September Issueme: in novemberme: HAHAHAHA OH MY GOD I’M SO FUNNYSeth: i just had to x your chat window out for a secondSeth: so as not to climb through it and slap you

Kids Say the Darndest Things

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Kids Are Hilarious

6 year old I babysit:  Where were you?

Me:  The front desk people wouldn’t let me up, so I had to wait downstairs.

6 year old: That’s stupid.  You should have just come up.  I’ll tell them tomorrow to do that.  They should know that by now.

Me:  Thanks.  I appreciate that.

6 year old: (looking at my bare legs) It’s cold.  Why aren’t you wearing leggings or tights?

Me:  It was actually really nice out today and I didn’t feel like it.  It’s the perk of being a grown up.

6 year old:  Lucky.  Well, you should shave your legs.  They look scratchy.