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It Should be Noted

Posted in adventures in life, vegan with tags , , , , , on May 20, 2009 by melsanie

For clarification sake, I actually have a three reasons for this attempt at the vegan lifestyle.

First, I’ve always thought that it was weird that humans were the only species that consumed the milk of another species.  I stopped drinking milk in high school when this came to my attention and to this day, drinking a glass of milk weirds me out, in addition to the fact that I will feel nauseaus for hours if I do.

Second, I’m still not sure how I even feel about eating meat.  I’ve never had an active political stance on it, but due to the way that most animals are treated, I feel that I should reconsider.  If the meat and eggs are organic and farm raised, I would consider it.  However, since these items cost significantly more than their poorly treated counterparts, I feel like I should avoid them altogether.

Third, being a vegan seems to be a legitimate way to eat.  It’s not a crazy crash diet.  Sure, it’s going to take some getting used to (and I will definitely miss cheese burgers), but I feel like it’s an overall healthy way to live.

So, I’ve been meaning to try this anyway, it will just be easier to do this with a support system (what up Andrea).

And yet…come back her in two weeks and see if I feel the same way…