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Oh, Really?

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shoesWired has a review of these new running shoes, Vibram FiveFingers (which, by the way sounds like a really fun sex toy, if you ask me…), a minimalist running shoe, that shuns the padding, thick soles, and gawdy “shock absorbing technology” like air bubbles/springs etc… of more traditional shoes; instead, the FiveFingers shoes looks kind of like a pair of gloves for your feet.  Kind of like a cross between those individual toe socks my friends and I were obsessed with in 5th grade, and Aqua Socks (aka the most fun water shoes ever).

According to Wired, so-called minimalist running footware is gaining in popularity due to “a growing body of research [that] suggests that minimal or no footwear will result in fewer running injuries.”

Scientific research aside, I kind of like these shoes. They’re kind of cool looking, in their own ugly way. And yet, I don’t know that I can get behind them; see, for me, that individual toe sock phase didn’t last very long, as I always found it uncomfortable to have my toes individually separated.  [Ed note: recently, I came up with this theory that I have an acute case of webbed feet — no seriously, I do! But that’s really an issue for another post…] So, I’m forced to conclude, that I’d love to try out running around in these babies, but also? I don’t get them.

Other things I don’t get?

  • Why anyone gives a fuck what the Obama children are wearing. Oh, and see here as well… — oh, really, The Washington Post?
  • How it took a Twitter update from Lindsay Lohan to convince Jessica Biel to break up with Justin Timberlake…orrr why my mom emailed me this story…
  • The fact that people still wear jorts, as though this is okay.
  • Daughtry
  • How the cartoons in The New Yorker are funny.
  • The fact that I still don’t know how to skateboard.
  • Why One Tree Hill still comes on tv.  Seriously, Arrested Development gets cancelled after three seasons, and yet One Tree Hill‘s been on for like ten years?
  • Tourists.
  • People who say “hecka” instead of “hella”.  This sounds ridiculous.  Just stop.
  • Why it took me so long to get into 808’s & Heartbreak.
  • Why Mel doesn’t live on the West Coast.

Vibram FiveFingers KSO and Classic Running Shoes [Wired]

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Speaks for Itself

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Wanda Sykes was at the White House Correspondence Dinner, and she killed it.  Anyone who can get away with calling the President a “mulatto” to his face, make Sarah Palin sex jokes, and imply that Joe Biden is a national security risk, wins in my book.  She will in yours too.  It’s totally worth it to watch the whole thing.  Trust me.

Secretary of Cute

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The First Dog at his first press conference
The First Dog at his first press conference

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that the Obamas fiiiinally got a new puppy, ending months of pointless speculation about what kind of dog would eventually take up residence in the White House. Well, earlier this week we found out (and, hundreds of Washington reports scurried around in panic, “ohhhh fuuuck! What are we supposed to write about NOW?”).  

My favorite story about Bo, the Portuguese Water dog, appeared in the Washington Post last weekend.  It’s worth a read, if only to marvel at the astounding number of dog puns author Manuel Roig-Franzia managed to squeeze into the article.  

You can read it here.  You’re woof-come. No, that didn’t work? Eh, I tried.