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Soundtrack to Your Life

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Remember the days when a tv show’s theme song was almost as important to a show as its plot points? A theme song could make or break a show.  I mean, who doesn’t love (and know all the words to) the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air‘s theme song? Remember The Rembrandts? Yeah, me neither, but I’m sure you remember their one-hit wonder, “I’ll Be There For You” from Friends, which even came out as a single, and was THE coolest music video of 1994. Except, watching it today, it’s kind of like, Perry, tune it down a notch, okay? Seriously, dude, just chill the beat…

These days, we’re suffering from a paucity of good theme songs.  Instrumental openers like the themes from The Office and House (Massive Attack, as your opening theme song? How sweet is that?) are nice and all, but sometimes you want a little sing-a-long with your opening montage.

So, I’m gonna count down some of my favorites, in no particular order.  How many theme songs are on this count down? Uh, I don’t know. How ever many I want, sheesh! Today, let’s start with Who’s the Boss. Hit it, Danza:

Childhood Idols Found

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Here are some answers to the questions Mer asked earlier in addition to some other 90 teen idols we all loved and adored.

Jenna von Oy: most recently on The Parkers as the token white girl.  If you google image search for her you’ll get some pretty scandalous pictures.  She is allegedly good friends with Melissa Joan Heart too.

yearbook awesomeMelissa Joan Heart: She looks exactly the same as she does from Clarissa Explains it All.  And, even though she was most recently in a horrible made for TV romcom with Joey Lawrence, I will forever remember her as the crazy year book girl from the best 90’s movie ever Can’t Hardly Wait.

Larisa Oleynik:  After graduating from Sarah Lawrence in 2004, she’s been pretty under the radar, showing up in shows that typically lead up to getting back in the “acting” scene aka supporting friend to A-List actor in a romcom.

Marla Sokoloff: 90’s queen.  She made appearances in all awesome 90’s shows:  Full House, Party of Five, Babysitters Club, 3rd Rock From the Sun, Home Improvement and more.  In the new millenium, she broke up with James Franco and is a supporting bff in Lifetime’s mini-series Maneater.  I may or may not be watching it now and it may or may not be horribly awesome.

In My Opinionation

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Miyim Bialik, aka Blossom, is going to be on What Not To Wear. This is awesome, yet sadly, unsurprising news.  Who amongst us can forget Blossom’s penchant for pleated shorts and giant flower hats? Not this blogger, that’s for sure.

I wonder what Blossom’s totally radder, best friend Six would have to say?

Blossom, Six, and Joey in happier (yet tackier) times

Blossom, Six, and Joey in happier (yet tackier) times

Is she even still alive?  Huh.  That can be a fun activity if you’re truly bored: Find out whatever happened to Jenna Von Oy and report back to me.  While you’re at it, find The Secret World of Alex Mack‘s Larissa Oylenik for me too?

Have you seen this girl?

Have you seen this girl?

She’s not related to anything in this post, but, like seriously, what happened to her?

The Blossom theme song. Why? Because it’s awesome.