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Hey, We Turned Out Alright

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thedith: no, just set them on a path to always be disappointed by your lack of support, and then they’ll stop being disappointed. that’s called good parenting

Sometimes I Wish I Was A Tanner

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Never mind why someone made a montage of Stephanie Tanner’s greatest dancing moments on Full House, just appreciate the fact that it exists.  As every middle child knows — this blogger included, the middle child is usually the sweetest member of the family, but the oldest and the youngest get all the credit because they’re showoffs and attention whores, respectively.  Am I the only one who thinks Michelle was actually the worst Tanner? She was eight by the time the show ended, and had still barely mastered basic English.

As this montage shows, little Jodi Sweeten is actually a really good dancer. Oh, and at 0:24, I’m pretty sure you can see the beginning traces of her foray into crystal meth…