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Is That a Guitar in Your Hand or Are You Happy To See Me?

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So, unless you’ve been (blissfully) in a comma for the past few days, you know that Tuesday was the big ol’ Michael Jackson last harrah memorial service.  Yes, I watched it, but only because I don’t have a remote control for my tv, and I didn’t feel like getting out of bed.

Yeah, yeah, it was gawdy and a little garish, boring at parts too, but you know what struck me most about the whole affair? The fact that John Mayer got up onstage, and masturbated with his guitar, while playing a muzak version of “Human Nature” that dentists/elevator operators around the country can’t wait to get their hands on.  I mean, true, this is actually a really good performance, but, c’mon, seriously, buddy?

Rad Things

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Gawker actually stole my idea, or, okay fine just posted it first.  So, I’m not going to even try, when they did it best.  Here are Michael Jackson’s 10 best videos.

Below, the debut of the infamous Moonwalk

Michael Jackson’s Epic Music Videos [Gawker]

Sad Face

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Michael Jackson just passed away.  He suffered a fatal heart attack.  He was 50 years old.  Commemorative post to follow.

Michael Jackson is Dead [LA Times]