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“Is it true that Chris Brown originated the swine flu?”

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Not even this pig wants to be associated with Chris Brown

Not even this pig wants to be associated with Chris Brown

So much classiness is going on today.  This is what some papparazzo asked Jay-Z and Rihanna today.  Wait, what?  I’ve never actually seen any of these TMZ videos (and I only saw 5 seconds of this one) but man the photogs REALLY get in the faces of celebs.  I can only imagine how hard it must be for someone like Rihanna who is actually trying to get through a tough time.  Anyway, hearing that her ex-boyfriend possibly started the epidemic that’s spreading through America must have caused a laugh.

Jay-Z Laughs at Chris Brown’s Expense [TMZ]

Class Acts

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Michelle Obama made Maxim‘s Top 100 list.  She came in at 93. Yes.  You read that right.

Michelle Obama's Official White House portrait--and also her photo for Maxim's Hot 100 list.

#93?  Doesn’t that feel like kind of an insult?  Like, she’s not hot enough to even make it to the top 50?  Come on Maxim, it’s like put her on there or not.

Uh, More Like FUNemployment…

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Are we still raising the roof?

Are we still raising the roof?

So, unless that case of the swine flu you caught the other day has left you disoriented and/or amnesiatic, you probably know that our economy? Not so hot right now.  And California? Not the healthiest state in The Union. You may have heard that California has the fourth highest unemployment rate in the country; or that the entire state ran out of cash in February .  Today, I read that one million Californians are unemployed.  That’s right, 1 million.  You’d think that this would kind of bum people out.  You’d be wrong. Now that no one has to work during the day, people are happier than ever.  Take my neighborhood for example:


My local park was teeming with people sprawled luxuriously in the sun.  Some were shirtless, others wore bathing suits — and only two were just crazy homeless people.  None were tourists.  The sidewalk cafes were littered with Yuppy couples and friends, probably trading composting tips; gelato shops were packed with hooded-headed hipsters.  I could go on, except, what is going on San Francisco?  No one is at work, and no one seems to mind.  Is there a such thing as “funemployment?”

I’d ask my unemployed musician neighbor who lives upstairs, but he’s too busy blasting gypsy carnival music to answer.