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A Celebrity I Would Actually Like To Hang Out With

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Jay-Z’s Uncomfortably Funny Letterman Interview [Animal New York]

Matt Damon can come too.

Are there still music video directors? If so, here’s the concept. You’re Welcome.

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Meredith: uh oh i smell summer jam.  go riri.  i like to envision, jay-z, rhianna, and kanye as an entourage.  they storm into clubs, swiggin’ on moet.  throwing the bottle over their heads when they’re done.  pushing people off of couches so riri and kanye can dance on them, while jay nods his head to the beat.  they eat shrimp cocktail while strippers dance on poles, and rhianna dances on tables in 4 inch heels singing the chorus to “live your life”.  as they leave the club, they encounter chris brown, ney-o, and i dunno, paris hilton? and a fight breaks out.  jay and kanye smash bottles over chris brown et. al.’s heads.  then they kick down the door and speed off in their stretch limo, this song blasting.  as they speed off into the early morning

“Is it true that Chris Brown originated the swine flu?”

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Not even this pig wants to be associated with Chris Brown

Not even this pig wants to be associated with Chris Brown

So much classiness is going on today.  This is what some papparazzo asked Jay-Z and Rihanna today.  Wait, what?  I’ve never actually seen any of these TMZ videos (and I only saw 5 seconds of this one) but man the photogs REALLY get in the faces of celebs.  I can only imagine how hard it must be for someone like Rihanna who is actually trying to get through a tough time.  Anyway, hearing that her ex-boyfriend possibly started the epidemic that’s spreading through America must have caused a laugh.

Jay-Z Laughs at Chris Brown’s Expense [TMZ]