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Daily Crush

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Ok, so here’s the thing.  This is Mark Salling.  He plays Puck, the “bad guy” on Glee, my new favorite fall show, and he is a cutie but the thing is–he plays an asshole on the show.  Like, teases all the dorky kids and then gets his best friend’s girlfriend drunk and then knocks her up!  I know, right?  So, why do I still think this guy is cute?  I hate jerks, I mean, who really likes them. And, yes, I know the guy is playing a character, but still; usually I link all characters to their real personalities.  Yes, this is completely deluded and insane but it’s how I work so, deal.  Anyway, I feel SO CONFLICTED.  My life is really hard. Whatever.  He’s cute. I’d make out with him. The end.

Things That Are True

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Jane Lynch is one of the funniest actresses of our time.

See: Glee, Party Down, Role Models, All Christopher Guest films, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Arrested Development (as Cindi Lightballoon)