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Days 3 and 4

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Day 2

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Today I faced the challenge of making my first “vegan” meal.  My co-worker (and professional vegan) Heather, gave me a huge list of suggested meals and restaurants to get me through my “first weeks as a vegan.” One of her suggestions was black beans and rice with guacamole.  Once I read that, I was on a mission…until I got to the grocery store at 8pm and my stomach was eating itself.  Rice that takes 45 minutes to cook?  No way José .  (And I guess I could have gotten the 5 minute rice, but that would require me to dirty a pan and our kitchen sink is gross enough as it is.)

So I improvised.  Tortilla chips!  Sure, it’s not as healthy, but it’s just as tasty!  I threw those in a bowl, added some re-fried beans (the ones without the lard…ew!), salsa and guacamole, heated it up in the microwave and bam!–Mexican dinner. Sure, it’s not going to win a beauty competition anytime soon, but it was super filling and tasted delicious.

Scale of 1 (I want a cheeseburger NOW) to 10 (Give me more soy!) on how I’m managing the vegan lifestyle: 8 (some cheese would have been tasty on those improvised nachos, but I’m feeling strong!)