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This is Happening: Kittens on a Roomba

Posted in seen on the interweb, you should like this, youtube with tags , , , , , on October 17, 2009 by melsanie

What I like about this video

  1. The people who decided to put the kittens on the roomba.
  2. It’s a last kitten standing/riding contest.
  3. Roombas amuse me.
  4. Um, small animals are adorable.  Obviously.

Long Term Goals. [Mel Edition]

Posted in adventures in life, things to do with tags , , , on August 20, 2009 by melsanie
  1. Move to California in the next 12-18 months.
  2. Somehow find an apartment four blocks away from the ocean.
  3. Learn how to surf.
  4. Read more (and tween books don’t count)¬†and play less solitaire on the subway
  5. Get a subscription to The New Yorker…and actually read it.
  6. Own a dog.
  7. Go back in time and smack myself for cutting my hair to my shoulders.
  8. Grow my hair so that it’s past my boobs.
  9. Travel to a vineyard in the South of France.
  10. Figure out why my bike is making a funny noise when I pedal.
  11. Go back in time and invest in Apple.
  12. Find a boyfriend in time for winter hibernation.