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I’m Sorry, Keep Doing What?

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I’m not even sure how “keep f–king that chicken” even made sense in the context, but I’m pretty sure that his friends bet him that he wouldn’t say it on air.  And then he did.  Pay up suckas. This whole thing reminds me of that episode of How I Met Your Mother where Barney bet Robin that she wouldn’t say “nipple” or “I’m a dirty, dirty girl.”  So, this Fox news anchor did the same thing…but worse/better.  Only on Fox guys, only on Fox.

Only in New York [Andrew Sullivan]

Daily Crush

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Last night I dreamed that Josh and I made out.  And it was legend-wait for it-dary.  He even told me that he broke up with Lindsay Price.  Sigh. One of these days I want to wake up and have something in my dream come true.  I mean, I’ll even take someone like Josh’s character Ted in How I Met Your Mother who is extremely romantic and awesome and funny.  One day.

Daily Crush

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Legend-wait for it-dary.

Daily Crush

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000093zqI realize I make a lot of fuss about accents and boyish good looks, but when it comes down to it, I like a guy with some substance–he’s funny, can hold a conversation, watches sports, is a loyal friend, loves his family and is just awesome. Marshall Eriksen, from How I Met Your Mother, seems to encompass this type of guy, so naturally, I equate him with Jason Segel and therefore have a completely illogical crush on him. I’ve heard from some people that he’s a total d-bag in real life, but I would like to think of him only as Marshall–the Loch Ness Loving, Dancer Hip having, Pancake Making, Loyal to Lilly–Eriksen. Added bonus: he’s tall.  Yay!/Sigh.