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I Mean, I Love a Good Vampire Movie/Show But…

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Can Witches be the new Vampires? There’s a pretty bad-ass one in the Vampire Diaries that all the tweens (and clearly myself) are watching and you know what? If done correctly, witches are awesome.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m super psyched for New Moon (coming out November 20) and I watched True Blood religiously, but I want to see some kick-ass witches and wizards.  Harry Potter and the crew are fun and I love them and all but I want some some witches from The Craft. Let’s bring THOSE bitches back.  But, maybe rein in part of the crazy?  That got a little out of control.

You know how not to bring back witches?  Ask ABC who did a remake of Witches of Eastwick.  That show is horrible  It is neither sexy, catty nor dramatic.  It is sooooo boring.  I’ve given it three tries and I’m yawning.  The main characters are too old.  I want it to happen, I really do, but if there are going to be witches and wizards they need to be young and agile and…hot.  Sorry, Rebecca Romaign, you’re not witch material–you’re past your prime. Could be their teacher like Professor McGonagall?  Sure, but not a main witch, that’s for sure.

Moral of the story: MORE MAGIC!!!!!  WITCHES FOR 2010!!

Fact: Tiny Animals Are Adorable

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Tiny piggies are the latest fad in the UK.  Granted, I wouldn’t want a pig as a pet, but OH MY GOD are these not the cutest little munchkins you’ve ever seen?  Cutie pies.  Both of them.  Even Rupert Grint (aka. Ron, aka. my future Brit and ginger boyfriend) has one.  So, um, validity as a pet?  Maybe?  Whatever, did I mention how cute they are?  Squeeee!

Teacup Pigs [BuzzFeed]

Daily Crush

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New guy in Harry Potter: The Half Blood Prince

Daily Crush

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When Fans Go Crazy/Why Didn’t I Think Of This?

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Why yes, these are sequined items made to look like “Golden Snitches” from Harry Potter. Normally I’d think, “Oh hey, that’s kind of cool. I’ll put one on my backback” or something, but then you read the description only to find out they are actually nipple covers. Yes, pasties and the creator of these decorative items plans to wear them at the premier of the movie on Wednesday.

I usually wear a standard gryffindor outfit; a tie over a white shirt, grey skirt with gryffindor colours trim, and a gryffindor scarf. My plan is to wear the pasties under my white shirt and unbutton onstage at the costume contest for a big reveal.

Sometimes I hate people, but today? People are effing awesome.

Daily Crush

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emma watson/burberry

She's the new face of Burberry and I want to be her.