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What If, Instead of Writing Blind Items, Gossip Columnists Wrote Like This:

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Anonymous: that was his reasoning too “i’m[REDACTED] fucking [REDACTED]!”

Unknown: whatever. standards. if he’s in town next time you better fucking fuck him.

Making Something Out Of Nothing

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Really People magazine?  Really?

Really People magazine? Really?

Let’s Play The Name Game!

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So, according to super accurate and prestigious gossip rags in Australia, Robert Pattinson knocked up Kristen Stewart.  Not only are they not dating but they haven’t been in the same city for months but…DETAILS!  Anyway, for the fun of it, let’s name Kristen Stewart’s Food Baby*!

Renesme – for those loyal to Twilight.  It should be known that I hate this name almost as much as I hate clowns.  Another reason why Stephanie Meyer is the worst writer of all time.

Rayybann – unique spelling for a unique baby

Ok, that’s all we came up with.  This is actually a better game in theory than in practice.

*all credit goes to Andrea