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My Least Favorite Rod Stewart Song

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I’m sorry — what?

File this under: The Least Romantic Thing You Can Ever Say To Me.

They Are Not Paying Me Enough for This Crap

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The Day the Coug Joke Died

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Meredith: last week, not only did a teenager with aspergers ask for my number but i was asked by my co-worker why i don’t have a boyfriend

Nikki: hahaha

Meredith: then a teenager proposed to me while his friends took pictures for a scavenger hunt

like, really? must i have all these things happen in one weekend? such an accidental coug

 Nikki: ugh i hate those “why aren’t you dating anyone” questions

Meredith:  i know! so obnoxious

Nikki: like what do you say to that?

hmm well i’m not dating anyone because i don’t like anyone

and no one likes me

yay. the end.

Meredith: i want to respond with “why are you such a nosy shit?”
 or, “i’m a lesbian”

A Day At The Office

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meredith (4:38): okay please tell me what this smily face isPicture 1

meredith(4:45): and then, i realized oh no. i’m like thisclose to taping cathy comics on a cubicle

meredith(5:33): if you could see me now, i am putting pens up my nose. just so you know

Image by Nataliedee