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They Are Not Paying Me Enough for This Crap

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Warning: May Cause Office Rage

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Meredith: and, although i hate this song:

i do really like this performance i’m so conflicted!

Melanie: i hate that you have shown me this song more than three times 

Meredith: HAHAHAHA

Melanie: because i hate this song so much

Meredith: i know that i’ve shown it to you at least once before

Melanie: well once felt like three times because it’s that bad

Meredith: but i needed to drive home the point that the performance is so good but this song is so bad

Melanie: i can’t even watch

Meredith: like, i want to take this song in my bare hands and strangle it

Melanie: and kick it in the balls

11:00 AM what are those dancers doing

Meredith: then take a shit on its face

Melanie: and then sleep with it’s mother for good measure

Meredith: and best friend

11:01 AM

Melanie: what are those dancers doing? there is too much shimmying for this song

Meredith: and why are there like TEN synthasizers?

i like the one guy playing 2 at once

Melanie: i don’t even think one is being played

 is that a keyboard guitar?


Meredith: YES

where do we get a keytar?

Melanie:  i want a keyar and play it with my piano tie

Meredith: hahahahaha

omg there are no words for how angry i get when that song comes on the radio 

 it’s like that movie that was controversial back in the 50s or something, because whenever “jailhouse rock” would come on, the youth would riot that’s what “break my stride” is like everytime i hear that song i want to riot and break shit

Melanie: i will join you in that rebellion

Meredith: i picture them calling in building security picking you up, and you kicking your legs as they carry you out of the building

Melanie: and i’ll be convulsing foaming at the mouth allll because of that song

Meredith: “ain’t nothin’ gonna break my stride, ain’t nothin’ gonna hold me do-wn, oh nooo!”

ugh that song ruined my morning not even “let’s stay together” can save it

Melanie: oh shut up

shut up

 i’m going to listen to jordin sparks* to try to erase that other horse poop from my memory


*This song is good enough to be posted twice within a week.

Pipe Dreams

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Meredith: why can’t this be us

complete with background music wherever we go
and wearing mumus instead of clothes
and looking fug with our breast implants and not caring

Melanie:  oh my god
i want it
i’m cuter than her
i want that
let’s be a biracial reality show
let’s make that hapen

Meredith: CAN we?!
can WE take miami?

Melanie:  who do i need to fuck to make that happen
i am not below that

I Don’t Care If This Is Real Or Fake…I Want This Dog

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Andrea: i want a bitter dog who only likes me