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A Tale of Two Diets

Posted in gchat gangstas with tags , , , on May 25, 2009 by thedith
5:58 PM Melanie:this weekend i ate SO much
Meredith: but it was vegan stuff so whatever
it’s good for you, right?
Melanie: i hope so
Meredith: unless it was refried beans again
Melanie: i mean, i hope the massive quantities of tortilla chips are good for me
Meredith: hahaha
eh, can’t hurt
Melanie: yeah
5:59 PM nothing processed in it
Meredith: well depending on what chips you buy
Melanie: i only get the ones with 4 or less ingredients
corn flour, oil, salt
Meredith: i’ve never even checked
i’m saving up money now for the bypass i’m gonna need in 30 years
6:00 PM Melanie: HAHA
Meredith: maybe even 20 at the rate i’m goin
Melanie: probably a smart investment