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“I Can’t Wait to Hear About Me On Your Blooooog”

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Oh, Funny or Die, I love you so much.  Not only do you give me funny videos of James Franco and Pearl the Landlord (which never gets old), but you give me this amazing mini-musical about the internet, Web Site Story.  “Take the famous ballads and duets of West Side Story, insert a dozen mentions of famous social media sites like twitter and facebook, and this is what you get.”  It’s amazeballs, usa.  Check it out.

Picture 5

Web Site Story [Funny or Die]

“You Smell Like a Waffle”

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So, I have an inexplicable crush on Zac Efron.  My sister-in-law equates it to having a “gay moment” but I just think he’s awesome.  Sure, he encompasses everything I don’t look for in a guy: spends too much time on his hair, super skinny, sings and dances, has a kind of high voice.  BUT.  He seems to have a good sense of humor, which negates half the bad stuff. Zefron

Anyway, this Funny or Die clip is hilarious.  Highlights include:  Justin Long partying underwater, Nicole Sullivan wanting to play the game “Bruise, Rash or Birthmark” and Brody Jenner pronouncing “Keynesian”.

Zac Efron\’s Pool Party