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How to Productively Spend Your Time

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Picture 1Someone on Facebook posted a link to this site called Incredibox and, being the inquisitive person that I am, I clicked through to check it out.  A half hour later, I came to the conclusion that this is in the top 10 of my favorite music websites.  At first I had no idea what it was and I had to play around with it by dragging the little arrows and circle-ish items from the bottom up to the cartoon guys but then I realized that I was making my own beatbox.  I could add elements of instruments, percussion, chorus, effects and more.  You can mix it up move them around and create totally original sounds.  Mer and I spent a good part of our days playing with this.  Yay, bi-coastal, global fun!

Post Script. Def try the shuffle mode.

Deep Thoughts

Posted in deep thoughts with tags , , , , on April 10, 2009 by thedith

Duke: Anyway, even if you don’t find a job in Paris, you should come out and visit me.  Or be a nanny!

Me: Ohh, I can be an Au pair! And the father will fall in love with me, take me as his mistress for a trial, then divorce his wife, and the kids will love me even more!

Duke: Yeah!

Me: Yeah! And I can have adorable French kids without ever having to get pregnant and fat!

Duke: See? There you go!