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If I HAD To Be a Muse

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Clearly, theres something about Pattie.  Pattie Boyd and George Harrison

Clearly, there's something about Pattie. Pattie Boyd and George Harrison

I’d want to be Pattie Boyd.  Sure, she’s British, and pretty, and used to be a model, but that’s not why I’d want to be Pattie Boyd.  Nope.  If I had to be a muse, I’d be Pattie Boyd because she inspired George Harrison to write Something for the Beatles, and Eric Clapton to write both Layla and Wonderful Tonight.  Sure, she cheated on George Harrison with his best friend, Eric Clapton when she was still married to the former Beatle.  And sure, she and Eric Clapton went on to have a rocky marriage, and she may or may not have become a drug addict/alcoholic. Whatever. Fine, she did that.  But, is there any finer instrumental closer in a Classic Rock song than the one that happens in Layla? I don’t think so.

What I’m Diggin’

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Things I Like:

Chicks who rock

A good beat

The French


So, it should come as no surprise that I’m currently digging Plastiscines, a band of four rockin’ chicks with catchy songs, perfect bangs, and who are, oh yeah, French.  Plastiscines are on tour now, with a new Album called Barcelona.  The title track is even in English.  Check ’em out on Myspace.  Here’s a music video: