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Fact: Tiny Animals Are Adorable

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Tiny piggies are the latest fad in the UK.  Granted, I wouldn’t want a pig as a pet, but OH MY GOD are these not the cutest little munchkins you’ve ever seen?  Cutie pies.  Both of them.  Even Rupert Grint (aka. Ron, aka. my future Brit and ginger boyfriend) has one.  So, um, validity as a pet?  Maybe?  Whatever, did I mention how cute they are?  Squeeee!

Teacup Pigs [BuzzFeed]

Daily Crush

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Why Didn’t We Think of This?

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Mel brought this to my attention.  Screw Susan Boyle and her “voice of an angel” audition on Britain’s Got Talent, THESE guys have got talent.

I’m pretty sure this is the best show on television right now. Sorry, Celebrity Apprentice

UPDATE: If the above video doesn’t work, check it out on youtube HERE