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Wanna Keep Up With the Kids These Days?

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Feelin’ like an old fuddy duddy because you have no idea what a “sparkle vampire” is? Not quite sure why US Weekly thinks you’re supposed to care who Ashley Tisdale is dating (answer: no one cares who Ashley Tisdale is dating, so don’t worry about it)?   Don’t worry.  Semi-Unemployed-Me to the rescue!

It’s my opinion, that no one over the age of like, 18, needs to know who any of the above people are.  Hello, you a grown ass woman/man, you ain’t got time to keep up with Tiger Beat‘s demographic.  And, instead of feeling bad about that, consider it a good thing.  Trust me. Like, sometimes, I wish I didn’t know as much about Tween culture as I do. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, but today’s tween stars are annoying, cheesy, and strangely braggy about being chaste — whatever, Jonas Brothers… Continue reading

Why Hasn’t This Caught On?

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The Jonas Brothers? More like the BONE US brothers

Melanie: bone us brothers = geniusyou need to create an anti-disney network that plays off all shows on disney…but in a dirty way ok and go

7:56 PM  M Meredith: hahahaha
waaaiiit too much pressure
7:57 PM it’s just every title with the word bone in it
hannah bonetanna

Melanie: HAHA
bone network
could totes work
Meredith: wizards of waverly bone

Melanie: we have to pitch it to that jeremy porn dude

Ron Jeremy

Ron Jeremy

Meredith: hahahaha
7:58 PM the bone life of zak and cody

Melanie: sonny with a chance of boning

7:59 PM Meredith: ahahahahahaha
oh thats a legit good one
Melanie: wizards of boning place
or wizards of waverly boning

8:00 PM Meredith: waverly boning sounds dirty in a bad way
i like it