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2:32* Mel: Omg transformers 2

2:34 Mer: Omg i know! I just saw a cardboard cut out and almost jizzed my pants

2:37 Mel: Preview on full screen is clutch

2:46 Mel: Whoa the guy who killed ben’s daughter is in this.  I’m in wolverine btw

2:51 Mer: oh no shit u saw the transformers trailer in the theater? holy moly! Hows wolverine?

2:57 Mel: Good.  total blockbuster.  Ryan is good looking.

2:57 Mel: And a cute asian


*Time in PST


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Daily Crush

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Kate Winslet in Vanity Fair

Meredith:  i agree with kate winslet though, toootes celeb girl crush
Meredith: and like in an awesome way, because she’s awesome
Meredith: she’s pretty sure, but she’s also a great actress, makes great choices, seems smart,and is like “yeah, i have chubby thighs, stop photoshopping me”