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Let’s Play The Name Game!

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So, according to super accurate and prestigious gossip rags in Australia, Robert Pattinson knocked up Kristen Stewart.  Not only are they not dating but they haven’t been in the same city for months but…DETAILS!  Anyway, for the fun of it, let’s name Kristen Stewart’s Food Baby*!

Renesme – for those loyal to Twilight.  It should be known that I hate this name almost as much as I hate clowns.  Another reason why Stephanie Meyer is the worst writer of all time.

Rayybann – unique spelling for a unique baby

Ok, that’s all we came up with.  This is actually a better game in theory than in practice.

*all credit goes to Andrea

Day 2

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Today I faced the challenge of making my first “vegan” meal.  My co-worker (and professional vegan) Heather, gave me a huge list of suggested meals and restaurants to get me through my “first weeks as a vegan.” One of her suggestions was black beans and rice with guacamole.  Once I read that, I was on a mission…until I got to the grocery store at 8pm and my stomach was eating itself.  Rice that takes 45 minutes to cook?  No way José .  (And I guess I could have gotten the 5 minute rice, but that would require me to dirty a pan and our kitchen sink is gross enough as it is.)

So I improvised.  Tortilla chips!  Sure, it’s not as healthy, but it’s just as tasty!  I threw those in a bowl, added some re-fried beans (the ones without the lard…ew!), salsa and guacamole, heated it up in the microwave and bam!–Mexican dinner. Sure, it’s not going to win a beauty competition anytime soon, but it was super filling and tasted delicious.

Scale of 1 (I want a cheeseburger NOW) to 10 (Give me more soy!) on how I’m managing the vegan lifestyle: 8 (some cheese would have been tasty on those improvised nachos, but I’m feeling strong!)

Day 1 Recap

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Things we found out we CAN eat

Things we found out we CAN’T eat today

  • Ranch Soy Chips
  • Oreos (well I can, but Andrea can’t, contains wheat, the jerks)
  • Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Cheese Pizza

Day 1

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Andrea: And I just ate millet bread. I don’t know what millet is. I think it’s what they feed chickens?

Me: I ate a block of cheese last night as a last goodbye and now I feel ill. I don’t want to eat cheese ever again.

A Potentially Dangerous Experiment

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Today my friend Andrea had an unfun discussion with her doctor:

Andrea: “uh, just got your test results back from last week, and you are allergic to MILK, EGGS, AND WHEAT”. BALLLLS!

Yeah, that sucks. Considering our diet consists mostly of cheese, omelets and pasta. And, um, of course with veggies, yeah.

So why do I want to go vegan (other than to support Adnrea?) One of my co-workers is vegan and I’ve considered becoming a vegan for a while since it’s a healthy diet and I really should not be eating as much of the crap I eat anyway. However, I’ve only been thinking about it because I mean, really, ACTUALLY doing it is really hard! (Also, I shouldn’t be eating dairy anyway since I’m lactose intolerant, but whatever. Details.)

So now, with Andrea’s actual inability to eat these “bad” things, I’ve decided to try it with her–kind of. She can eat meat and I can eat bread. We’re going to cheer each other on/complain to each other a lot while seeing how long it takes either one of us to crack and eat either a piece of cheese or scoop of ice cream. I’ll try to document it here, but not like this crazy chick on–no one wants to see that. Wish us luck!