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Oh, Hello There, Thursday

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Sometimes, when I’m working with the OBG’s, listening to the soft rock radio station, I get a glimpse into what I’d be like had I come of age in the 70s/80s. 

Song: “One More Try” by George Michael.

What I’ve learned about 1980’s Meredith: I’d totally do George Michael.

It’s Friday!

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Let’s Dance!


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Okay, so there’s a lot of weird stuff on youtube. Given.  But this is maybe the most bizarre video I have ever seen (and once, I youtubed a bunch of Enya videos — have you ever seen an Enya video? Talk about fucked up…).

Anyway, this little gem is Bonnie Tyler singing “Against the Wind”, wearing, what appears to be some type of Medieval wench/pirate outfit.  Meanwhile, in the background, clips from some 1980’s movie about, one can only assume, some parable of Capitalism, nuclear power plants, and…hang gliders?

Okay, Fine, So I Wish This Song Was Written About Me —

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what of it?

And like, okay, so I’m not exactly sure what this song is about — so what?

Rad Things

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Gawker actually stole my idea, or, okay fine just posted it first.  So, I’m not going to even try, when they did it best.  Here are Michael Jackson’s 10 best videos.

Below, the debut of the infamous Moonwalk

Michael Jackson’s Epic Music Videos [Gawker]

A Little Something to Help You Through the Work Day

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I Could Listen to This All Night Long — All Nii-ight

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Lionel Richie doesn’t get any respect.  What’s up with that? Is it because once upon a time he used to dress

Lionel Richie and the Commodores

Lionel Richie and the Commodores

like this?

Or maybe it’s because he raised this?

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie

Regardless, all this Lionel Richie discrimination is totally unfair, because, as corny as he is, there is no way you can listen to one of his songs without smiling.  I’m sorry, it just can’t be done.  You try singing “you’re once, twice, three-ee tii-iimes a lay-ed-dee” without flashin’ a little smile.

The Lionel Richie is Actually Awesome song collection is way too long and extensive to list here, but here’s my favorite:

Why Did This Song Just Pop Into My Head?

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Seriously, what’s wrong with me?

Ending the Weekend on a High

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Okay, but, Why?

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Old Men New Kids on the Block were on the Today Show this morning.  It was like watching a Celebrex commercial.  You know how there’s been a revival to bring the 80’s back? I think this appearance just killed that revival…